Calendar Talk and Bell Ringers for Spanish Class

Begin Spanish class each day with a routine to engage and hook your students. Bell ringers or Warm-up activities during the first 5 minutes of class are a perfect way to create community, review important material and help with classroom management. Below are ideas to help you create a beginning of class routine your students will love.


  • Day 1: Weekend Chat Slide – students discuss what they did over the weekend and review the date
  • Day 2: Monthly special day and video clip – teacher guides students in conversation about a special day that month and shares optional video clip
  • Day 3: Weekly SEL Check-in Slide – students review feelings and emotion vocabulary along with date
  • Day 4: Weekly Weather Slide – students review the weather for the day and the date
Repaso de la fecha y el calendario

I love using Calendar Talk to begin class each day. It helps transition students from other classes and gets them thinking and speaking in Spanish right at the start of class. Reviewing the date each day is a great way to incorporate a review of numbers, months and days of the week in an organic and more natural way. I don’t teach a separate unit for these things, but rather incorporate them into my Calendar Talk.

“HAZLO AHORA” Bellringer Activities

Bellringer activities are a great way to review previous material and provide a daily routine at the start of class. Ideally these activities can be completed independently by students and should not take more than five minutes to complete. The Spanish 1 Review Activities can also be used at the end of class as an exit ticket or to collect formative data.

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Spanish 1 Review Activities

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