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todo sobre mi


Get to know your students with this Todo Sobre Mí – All About Me Poster. This hands-on activity is great for the first day or week of Spanish Class.
Bonus – The artwork makes for great classroom decoration at the start of the school year!

My Journey Toward Acquisition Driven Instruction

My second language learning journey began in middle school.

We had traditional textbooks and memorized all. the. lists. So no surprise when I began my student teaching and my supervising teacher taught the same way. Fast forward to having my own classroom and I also started teaching in this very traditional and explicit way. My students were amazing (and still are!) and we had so much fun, but reflecting back on that time, not many of my students could engage meaningfully with the language.

Several years ago I decided it was time for a change. After reading and doing some research on acquisition driven teaching, I ditched the textbook and never looked back! I dove right in with all things CI (Comprehensible Input) and switched to an implicit teaching model. Seeing what my students could do with the language once I began teaching for acquisition was the proof I needed that this truly is how language should be taught. However, if I’m being completely transparent, the journey has not been an easy one. There are many new techniques to learn and classroom management strategies to consider, but I encourage anyone on the verge of ditching their textbook …. GO FOR IT! You won’t regret it.


for Novice Spanish students
Spanish Cognates


lesson plans and activities


Everything you need to begin the school year
Repaso de la fecha y el calendario


11 Months – Over 125+ of Weekly and Monthly Slides

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